And The Oscar Goes To…

Friday afternoon I was sat in a beautiful pub/restaurant with a friend of mine discussing the up coming Oscars over a baked Camembert. Personally I love award season. Apart from the obvious celebration of talent that we are lucky to witness in the world, this is also a time to celebrate the glorious fashion that only our wildest dreams can imagine. 

Besides, if you’re going to give out the wrong award by mistake, why not do it it top quality fashion, right?

There’s a lot of lessons to be learnt from red carpet fashion. Firstly, Ralph & Russo and Elli Saab are the King and Queen of all our red carpet fantasies. Secondly, the most up to date trends arrive from the red carpet once simplified and translated into what I like to call our ‘wardrobe fashion’. And lastly, we all love celebrity fashion. Probably because it would be a dream to get our hands on it.

 Our first favourite look from the red carpet is Chrissy Teigen in a Zuhair Murad Couture gown. Chrissy has literally become our spirit animal, not only because she looks flawless in everything she wears but also because she’s so amazingly sassy that you can’t help but love her. 

Metallics are a big trend for the next seasons to come, enhanced by diamonté accessories and sophisticated silhouettes. This is also evident by Olivia Culpo’s Marchesa Gown that she wore for this years Oscars event. Olivias 20s ‘flapper girl’ style gown in silver is not only feminine and sophisticated but magically playful. As we are all aware fashion is continuously cycling through the decades and this is one hell of a way to dress periodically. 

Another huge trend that just keeps on giving is the use of chiffon and silks. This dress Hailee Steinfeld is wearing by Ralp &Russo is positively flawless. It’s delicate fabrics and appliquéd flowers are actually to die for which is why we crown them the King or Queen of red carpet fashion. 

Red Carpet events are like finding the gold pot at the end of the rainbow🌈 It’s a shiny attraction that we’re in awe of that just makes us love fashion and there’s no doubt that we all fall in love with at least one look at every award show. 

What have you fallen in love with on this red carpet?

Love, Ivory Rose



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