Spring Time 

When spring comes around, the first thing that pops into my head is Willy Wonka sitting on a bicycle singing… “spring time, the only pretty ring time birds sing, hey ding.”

Indeed the sun is shining and the birds are beginning to sing, but it is still god damn cold outside. So I’ve put together a Spring time ‘must haves’ list for you beautiful bunch to stay stylish and warm. 

My first staple must have is the light jacket. My two go to’s are a suede biker jacket and a ripped denim jacket. You can pick these up pretty much anywhere but my fave has got to be an All Saints denim jacket that I got at a bargain price in the sale. WINNING ✨ It looks super cool and pretty much goes with everything I wear. 

Second Spring time must have; pleather trousers. Typically known for a winter wardrobe piece, these trousers are also perfect for spring and bang on trend this season too. As we’re not known for our warm weather here in England, it’s particularly nice to have the sun out whilst wearing these trousers for the simple fact that they are SO warm. So even with a chill in the air you can stay a comfortable temperature. Thank you pleather trousers.🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾

In slight contrast, my final Spring time wardrobe must have is the cold shoulder top. Cold shoulders are undoubtedly leading the way this season and they come in an uncountable number of styles. I typically tend to go for a jersey sweatshirt style however there’s a cold shoulder for whatever occasion you desire it for. 

There you have it, my three spring staple pieces. Not typically worn together, but very much on trend for keeping you warm and stylish through these bipolar weather forecasts. 

What’s your go to Spring time classic?

Love, Ivory Rose



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